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Making Friends At Camp

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Hey, Friendly Folks!

Welcome to my fourth and final segment on the topic of making friends at summer camp. Over the course of the previous three posts in this series, I’ve talked a lot about how friendship is an effortless and certain affair in the world of summer camp. You’ll naturally start talking to other kids and become fast friends with them.

Making friends is simply what happens at camp—a given.

Today I want to talk about the lifelong benefits of the assured friendships you’re going to build at camp. Having a network of friends can create opportunities of a lifetime for you. I know of a married couple who first met one another at—you guessed it—summer camp!

That’s probably one of the more extreme cases, but nevertheless, it’s true! There are plenty of other opportunities besides finding your future spouse that can open up to you by making friends with the right people at camp.

For instance, if you make friends with someone at camp who lives on the other side of the country, you might learn a thing or two about wherever your friend is from—you might even be able to arrange a visit to your friend’s house and see life in someone else’s neck of the woods.

Not everyone can find ways to hang out with the friends they made at summer camp OUTside of camp. But that doesn’t mean that making those friends was pointless and a waste of time—NO! That was just giving you some practice at what you’ll be doing all throughout your life.

No matter where you are, there are always going to be other people around you. Camp offers you a great experience to become a part of a community. This is what you’ll do come high school (if that hasn’t come already), it’s what you’ll do in college, and what you’ll do all throughout adulthood.

And that’s a good thing too, because one thing you’ll always need around is a friend.

Thanks for reading, Campers.


- John


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