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Make the Most with French Toast!

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Hey, French Toast Fanatics!

You don’t have to be French in order to love this genius invention of sweet breakfast options. This eggy bread is celebrated across the country today as it’s National French Toast Day! Whip up some batter and heat up the fry pan! I’m sure you all know how delicious and exciting French Toast is, but here are some things you may not have known about this soppy, sweet creation.  

Has this Bread Gone Bad?French Toast is a fantastic sweet dish for breakfast, brunch, even lunch or dinner!

Yes. In France, this bread is known as ‘pain perdu’ which translates to ‘lost bread’. Traditionally made from stale bread, French Toast was originally made as a means of making stale bread palatable so it didn’t go to waste. Soaking it in a milky, eggy batter, frying it up, and serving it drenched in syrup with assorted berries and nuts has always done the trick!

Not French?

Yes, like so many things, the title does not necessarily indicate the origin. French toast was actually around for even longer than France was a country. We’re not sure exactly where French Toast was first made, but we do know that before the recipe we know as French Toast was called Spanish Toast as well as German Toast before it got its French name.

Old Toast!

It’s true that no one knows exactly who invented French Toast or just quite where it came from, but mention of this recipe has been traced back all the way to the 4th Century,  more than 1700 years ago in ancient Roman records!

Pour syrup over it. Douse it in powdered sugar. Melt butter on top. Sprinkle berries and walnut pieces over it. However you best like to eat your French Toast, do it up right on a day that’s made just for the celebration of this awesome bread-saving dish! Happy French Toast Day to everyone and, as always, thanks for reading!


- John  

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