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Make it 3 for Emily B.

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Hey, Camp Fans!

Our ‘Share Your Camp Story’ Contest went over pretty well last summer and we saw an even bigger response this year, so it goes without saying that we’re very excited to post these stories to share with all our readers right here on the Blog. Everyone who submitted receives a $15 gift certificate and seven lucky winners will receive larger prizes of $25, $50, and the grand prize of $100. This week we’ll be announcing the first four winners of the $25 gift certificates—and we’re starting right now! Today’s winner is….Merrie Woode is very good!

Emily B.!

Congratulations, Emily! You’re our first $25 prize winner! Emily spent some fun summer days at Camp Merrie-Woode this year and who made unbreakable bonds with her campmates. Read all about it in her excellent entry:

I started going to camp with my best friend and I loved it so much. But six years later I decided to go to a 3-week stay. I was scared at first but we had the best counselor ever. It was the last night of camp and all the squire cabins went to Sports field to play a game of manhunt but we were too loud and Lindsay came and told us we had to go back for cabinets. We were pretty bummed but a counselor said because it was her last night she would let us sleep in a different cabin, so we all brought over our mattress pads and sleeping bags and went into the cabin Winken. We were all so excited that we didn’t get much sleep that night but the bonds that we made that year at camp last forever.

Thanks again for your submission, Emily. Glad you enjoyed your extended camp stay and bonded with your cabin mates! For anyone else interested in Camp Merrie-Woode, you can check it out for yourself sometime. And, as always, thanks for reading!


- John


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