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Make a Splash with Swim Accessories

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Hey, Swimmers!

The last couple blog posts have been about swim wear from Speedo for girls and boys. Today’s post is useful to all summer camp preppers, whether you’re preparing for a boy camper, a girl camper, or both. Today I’m talking about Speedo’s swimming accessories.

First up, we have swim goggles. At Everything Summer Camp you can find a pair of the Speedo kids Vanquishers or Speedo Vanquishers for Women. We’re also bringing back Speedo’s similarly designed Jr. Hydrospex Goggles.

Jr. Vanquishers have a dual-color silicone double head strap and ergonomic adjustable speedo kids swim gogglesstrap for a cool, comfortable look and feel. They are simply the junior version of Speedo’s best-selling adult performance goggle. Vanquishers are made to give you maximum visibility and minimal glare. They give you a classic, original fit with soft cushioned silicone eye seals. Vanquishers give you excellent peripheral vision and eye-protection that goes above and beyond. They have anti-fog and anti-UV protection. They’re PVC and Latex-free. And they come with four interchangeable nose pieces options to give you the fit you want and the speed you need.

They Hydrospex Goggle is a soft split silicone that cushions your face and delivers on comfort. These goggles give you a standard field of view with an expanded side view that allows you to check out anything around you. The Hydrospex are Speedo’s best-selling junior goggle. These goggles are made with anti-fog lenses that give a UV protection of 95+, a low drag profile, as well as PVC and Latex-free material.

At Everything Summer Camp, you can also find other swimming accessories from Speedo like the Jr. Silicone Swim Cap, a flexible and lightweight Profile Nose Clip as well as the Profile Nose Clip and Ear Plug Set (care box included), and, lastly, Speedo’s comfortable and splash resistant Jr. Adventure Mask and Snorkel Set.

Make a splash with the proper equipment this summer and have a blast.


- John


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