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Make a Friend Day

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Hey, Friends!

Today is Make a Friend Day. Make a Friend Day is all about appreciating the people you consider to be your pals. Whether it’s your best friend since the first grade or somebody friendly that you met today, friends are important to have in your life. When you are blessed with the gift of friends, you don’t need anything else because your friends are there to help you out.

All too often we’re stuck living the busy side of life that demands that we work, work, work!!! But when you finally get a break, you want some good company to enjoy the good times with and to help make the fun even more fun. You want somebody you call a friend!

Friendships usually take a little bit of time and a little bit of effort before you become best buds. So don’t be scared in case you hang out with somebody new and you don’t have an absolute blast. Does that mean you just aren’t ever going to be friends? No. You just haven’t had the chance to be comfortable around each other yet.

It’s a great learning experience—making friends. After all, you learn all about another person and learn how to communicate in their style. You learn what you have in common with them. And what you don’t have in common as well.

Sometimes making friends is just as easy as finding someone who seems approachable. Is there that kid at school that you see in the cafeteria all the time, but never talked to before? Go up and introduce yourself. Ask a thing or two about them. People love it when you take a casual interest in their lives—it’s flattering. So you’d be off to a good start by just doing that.

You may end up fast friends. Take the next opportunity you find where you can introduce yourself to somebody new at school, or camp, or anywhere else that fate would have it. Maybe you’ll make your best friend today! Best of luck. As always, thanks for reading!   


- John

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