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Lovely, Lovely Laundry Bags

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Hey, Camp Preppers!

Not all camps require that campers bring their own laundry bags, but some do—and, whether the camp requires it or not, it’s always a handy item that will help ensure that your kid brings all their camp clothes back home after camp is over! And if you’re kid’s camp stay is any longer than one week, then a Laundry Bag will be much appreciated by the laundry service at camp. 

Of course, you can find a bunch of cool laundry bags at Everything Summer Camp; we carry a variety of fabrics, styles, and brand names like Mint and Buckhead Betties.

The brand name I’m highlighting today isn’t necessarily known for their Laundry Bags, but perhaps you’ve heard of them, they’re called Everything Summer Camp. It’s one of our very own Laundry Bags: The Everything Summer Camp Premium Laundry Bag!

Available in eight colors as well as three patterns—Blue Camo, Green Camo, and Tie-Dye, complete the look by choosing how your Laundry Bag strap contrasts with the color or pattern of the bag! That’s right! You can pick the color of the strap as well from multiple options. This gives you more than 50 color combinations to test out and decide which you like best.

This is not some cheap lightweight laundry bag! The bag is made to last through multiple years at camp. Cinch your bag shut with its drawstring to keep your dirty laundry out of sight and out of mind. This bag also features a large shoulder strap for comfortable carrying.

Manage your camp clothing with a fashionable means of containing them and design your own Premium Laundry Bag by clicking here on the Everything Summer Camp online store. You’ll love the look as much as the convenience at summer camp. As always, thanks for reading, Camp Folks!


- John


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