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Love the Feel-a at Lanakila!

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Hey, Camp People!

We love all the 270 summer camps across the country with whom we’ve formed fantastic relationships! I’ve written about a lot of these camps but, still, I’ve only scratched the surface! Today we’re swinging our summer camp spotlight over to Fairlee, Vermont to check out the majestic grounds at Lanakila Boys Camp.

Enjoy being part of the camp family at Lanakila Camp for Boys.

Located at the northern tip of Lake Morey, on nearly 350 acres, Lanakila campgrounds extend up the hillside to the west. Since the camp was first founded in 1922 on the grounds of a 19th-century farm property, Lanakila has been showing boys fantastic summer stays for the last 95 years!

If you love sports, art, adventure, crafts, and plenty more summer fun, then you’re sure to have a blast at Lanakila Camp. It’s hard not to have a good time with all the activities Lanakila offers like Archery, Baseball, Biking, Tennis, Riflery, Street Hockey, Kayaking, Canoeing, Sailing, Swimming, Performing Arts, Drama, Arts Department, Woodshop, Photography, Music, and more!

When those long, busy days come to a close, Lanakila campers retreat either to their spacious tents set up on wooden platforms or rustic cabins with three to five carefully grouped campers and one or two cabin leaders to each group. Units of ten tents or cabins share a washhouse with hot water showers and flush toilets.

Other complementary facilities pepper the gorgeous grounds like the Main Office, the Boat Shed, Craft Building, Infirmary, Chapel, and a handful of buildings and structures that were built by past campers who have left their footprint on the land of Lanakila!

If you like the sound of Lanakila, check it out further by clicking here and take your chance to disconnect from the distractions of the media-saturated of 21st-century lifestyle and discover the best ‘you’ you can be when you’re away from it all. You’re sure to fall in love with Lanakila Camp. Enjoy your summer and, as always, thanks for reading!


- John


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