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Lots of Heart at Camp Harlam

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What’s up, Camp Fans?!

We love all the camp tales you've shared for our 'Share Your Camp Story' Contest here at Everything Summer Camp. Our participants truly exceeded our expectations this year! These stories are great and I can't wait to showcase them to our online community. Every submission is getting featured right here on the Blog!

And now that we’ve announced our ten lucky winners who took larger prizes, we’re ready to share the rest of the submissions we received. The following post is from Sadie S. who put pencil to paper about her time at Camp Harlam. Check out what she had to say about her camp stay right now:


“Camp was amazing in so many different way this year. One of my favorite parts was the first day. We saw people we haven’t seen in a while. We hug and it feels good. My next part that I really liked was Color War. It was SO fun when it breaks because everyone is screaming! Even though we were on separate teams, we still ran together at night. Even if you would not get first you would still have fun cheering for your bunkmates. I loved Shabbot because we would all wear white. Song session on Shabbot was really fun, screaming song lyrics and banging on tables with song leaders and your unit. My favorite evening program was MTV night. I loved finding a dance, costumes, makeup, songs, and maybe even props! Going up in front of camp with your bunk is really fun. Everyone gets really cool paper plate awards that go along with your song or costume. These are just some reasons why camp this year was a really fun year!”


Thanks for this great submission, Sadie! It’s great to hear that you loved your camp stay so much this summer at Camp Harlam. You paint a pretty fun picture with everyone scream-singing along together with percussive pounding and erupting energy! And it does sound really fun getting up in front of everyone at camp to ‘perform’ with your bunkmates. Sounds like you made memories to last a lifetime this summer.

Sadie makes Camp Harlam sound like LOTS of fun! If anyone else would like to check it out closer, you can do so by clicking right here. As always, thanks for reading!


- John


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