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Looking For An Awesome Flashlight?

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Hello again, Readers!

I’ve already told you about our esteemed Operations Manager, Brian. I told you about how he overlooks just about every department at Everything Summer Camp from trunk production to the Graphics Department, the Call Center, our Shipping Department, and so much more. What I never went to mentioning is what Brian’s favorite product is: the Hybrid Solar Flashlight.

This little light of Bri’s, he’s gonna let it shine. And shine it will for a VERY long time. This Hybrid Flashlight can hold a full charge for years. Whether it’s from the sun or from a light bulb, The Hybrid Solar Flashlight uses revolutionary energy technology to recharge itself!

“Not only is it great to have for camping, but, since it can hold a charge for so long, it’s great for around the house too,” Brian says. “No need to worry about batteries. After using it, just make sure to leave it in the light the next day and you’ll be fully charged for the next time you need it – even if it’s not for a year or two!”

solar flashlight

As was also mentioned in a previous post about Brian, he’s pretty into technology and has a real knack for IT kind of work. It seems right then, that he would be so interested in one of our more technologically-involved products like the Hybrid Solar Flashlight.

For as technological as this flashlight is, it couldn’t be any less complicated! Click it once and the flashlight shines off its solar charge; the second click works off of the battery power; and the third click turns the flashlight off. Simply leave your Hybrid nearby any light source and it’ll start charging. It’s extremely durable, water proof, and floats! Camp with Brian’s favorite flashlight and the ghost stories will never end!


- John
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