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Look what Sprouted out from Wenzel

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Hey, Camp Fans! The Wenzel Sprout is a great Sleeping Bag for a very afforadable price.

We can’t help ourselves, here at Everything Summer Camp, but to bring on new camping gear when we see awesome, new products from cool suppliers like Columbia, High Sierra, Kelty, and Wenzel. We love broadening our selection and giving you more options for your camp endeavors! If you need a reliable sleeping bag for your little sprout, then you’ve come to the right place!

Introducing the Wenzel Sprout Youth Sleeping Bag! A great bag for a great price, the Sprout is guaranteed to keep you comfortable throughout the night! With a temperature rating of 40°—perfectly comfortable on a summer night—you’ll stay snug as a bug when you’re wrapped up in this durable, polyester cocoon.

This bag is 27” x 66” and packs 2.5 lbs. of Insul-Therm™ fill on the inside—an excellent selection for your sleeping satisfaction at summer camp. But this Bag doesn’t have to stay in the attic all year until your next summer camp stay or camp outing!

Wenzel’s Sprout Youth Bag can still be a great bag during fall weather too. It may be too chilly OUTside for this Sleeping Bag to give you the proper protection, but the Sprout makes a practical accompaniment for a fun, sleepover at your friend’s house or for family visits.

The perfect bedding for staying overnight at somebody else’s house, The Wenzel Sprout isn’t too outdoorsy, so it’s sure to not keep you too warm overnight. Great in the winter and spring as well, you couldn’t ask for a better price for a Sleeping Bag that you can provide you with a proper night of sleep throughout the year!

Get your Wenzel Sprout Youth Sleeping Bag from us right here at Everything Summer Camp for just $24.99! And, as always, thanks for reading.Get this excellent Sleeping Bag for your traveling endeavors!


- John

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