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Lockers 101 beats the back-to-school blues

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Hey, School kids!

So school has started. You went into the first day with a positive mood and a smile on your face. You were as prepared as you could be with your nice new notebooks, folders, and other school supplies. But despite your optimism and preparedness, you somehow STILL ended up with the back-to-school blues!
Tired of the same ol', same ol' when it comes to your locker life?
Every day starts out at your dark, drab school locker where you stuff your belongings and pull the books you need. It’s boring, colorless, and depressing.

Sick of it?

Well, it’s not too late to beat those back-to-school blues away—not with a stick, but with fun and cool Lockers 101 school locker accessories! You’ve still got time to deck your locker out just the way you want it and you can do it all for 10% off too! Browse the collection of Lockers 101 accessories and decorations at Everything Summer Camp.

Decorating your locker makes the little world inside more fun, more functional, and, of course, more you. It adds some spice and pep to an otherwise gray, monotone landscape. Every glammed out locker starts with the Lockers 101 Wallpaper Set—but certainly doesn’t end there!

Keep accessorizing withLockers 101, found at Everything Summer Camp, has all the accessories you need to make your school locker stand out! shag carpet, some flower power magnets, and a glittery locker curtain. Then you can get even glitterier with the Something to Say Glitter Word Set.

Add space in your locker with the Stack it Up shelf and other easy means…like magnets! Go with the Hang it Up Magnet Hook Set or create your own little mini-office with the Curving Pencil Cup.

The magnet madness doesn’t end there. You’ll have the coolest locker at school this year with a ceiling fan inside! The Light Up & Cool Down Ceiling Fan mounts to the top of your locker with a magnet.

These items are VERY hot and flying off our shelves so be sure to pick up your Lockers 101 accessories TODAY!


- John

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