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Hey, Secure Summer Campers!

Padlocks are an important part of camp trunk security! The necessity of a portable lock is one that’s been around for thousands of years going back to ancient times. Crafted with a shackle made to pass through a latch or other opening in order to prevent snooping as well as theft! Padlocks seem to have been invented in Ancient Egypt and Babylon about three thousand years ago.

Slowly spreading to neighboring civilizations, padlocks gained popularity in China, Greece, and Rome by the time BC turned into AD. Throughout history, padlocks have undergone a number of redesigns to provide improvements. But despite style change like shape, size, durability, and mechanics, padlocks have maintained the general idea and purpose. 

The most common use of padlocks throughout the dark ages were kept simply to smokehouses where meats were cured. Less concerned with keeping out burglars, these locks were intended to keep out animals. Other padlocks were used as well, though, like the one found in Birka, a trading center among Vikings from over a thousand years ago. Its heavy, welded bronze body served as an anchor for items that were otherwise at risk of theft. This provided a level of security that smokehouse padlocks could never afford.

Eventually, the strength of a heavyweight padlock was merged with the mobility of a handheld size. And, because padlocks are such an essential accessory and helpful means to the security of your camp trunk, we’re sure to always have an assortment of quality padlocks available here on the Everything Summer Camp online shop. Offering cool new ideas for padlocks today, check out our selection which includes a keyed padlock, a couple of combination locks, and a wordlock—the alphabet alternative to a sequence of numbers!

Keep the contents of your camp trunk secure from snoops and sticky-fingered strangers with our convenient trunk accessories right here at Everything Summer Camp and, as always, thanks for reading!


- John


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