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Liza S. Says Yes To Summer Camp Fun!

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Hey, Camp Fans!

We saw such a great response to our annual ‘Share Your Camp Story’ Contest at Everything Summer Camp in 2018 that we’re still going strong publishing each submission right here on the Blog in the New Year. Your stories were fantastic and it’s such a fun time reading through them!

Today’s post comes from Liza S. who wrote in to tell us about her really fun camp stay at Camp Merrie-Woode. Get a look at today’s submission about her stay: Read Liza S.' camp story about her stay at Camp Merrie-Woode.

I love camp, and every year I'm super excited to go and sad to leave! All of the activities are tons of fun but my favorite would have to be horseback riding as I love riding. Some of the other activities I took this year were tennis, sailing, canoeing, knitting, archery, jewelry, and land sports. In knitting, I made a pillow, and in archery, I made several bulls eyes. This was my fifth year going, and every year I challenge myself to pass levels, etc. For example, this year I passed the first level in canoeing and went on a difficult two day hike on the Appalachian Trail with two of my friends at camp. Everyone is very witty and kind at camp and you can make friends easily. Also, every year my cabins have been with awesome people and amazing counselors. In addition, every night we have a different evening program that is so exciting and a good way to end the night.

I adore the camaraderie at camp as well as the independence to explore and try new activities. It's fantastic that camp is by the lake to take advantage of water sports like sailing, canoeing, kayaking and swimming but also to have amazing horseback riding. My favorite horse is named Picard who is a thoroughbred. He's a retired off track race horse and has the smoothest canter and loves high jumps.

Our camp is also free of electronics so we all have a chance to really get to know one another, play cards and games, and write letters to family and friends. I live in Florida so to be able to go to the mountains every summer and have a blast at camp is very special. I can't wait until camp next summer to spend time with many great friends I have met, continue passing levels and challenging myself in various activities, and feeling such joy!

Wow! This summer sounds like it was a blast at Merrie-Woode, Liza! Thanks for sharing. It sounds like you have a special relationship with Picard and riding altogether! I’m glad you made such a strong bond with your fellow campers and your counselors. Isn’t camp great for reminding us what life is like without the interruption of buzzing and dinging electronics?! For anybody else interested in checking out Camp Merrie-Woode, be sure to check them out for yourself and, as always, thanks for reading!


- John


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