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Livin' Large at Laity Lodge

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Hey, Camp Fans!

We still have more camp stories to share from the Everything Summer Camp ‘Share Your Camp Story’ Contest! Your camp stories were so great and were such a fun time reading through them all and I’ve been sharing them with all our readers online for the past several months! We’re posting each submission right here on the Blog one by one!

We had ten lucky prize winners for this contest and since then I’ve been publishing the rest of your submissions. The following post is from Ben B. who wrote in to us about his time at Laity Lodge Youth Camp. Here it is:


“A favorite activity of mine at camp, was the ‘one wheel’. It is like a skateboard, but with only one big wheel. It is very hard to do, harder than riding a skateboard. It is more fun! I went fishing in the river and I caught two fish. We used old brisket for bait. The camp had a good view of the cliff wall by the river, especially from the hill top called ‘antenna’. I look forward to camp again next year!”


Hey, Ben. Thanks for writing into us. I think I’ve seen what you’re talking about before—the One Wheel. I bet it’s lots of fun, assuming you’re able to manage your balance. Sounds like you made it happen! Pretty impressive. Nice work! A job well done with your fishing as well. I’ll have to try the old brisket trick next time I’m out casting a line! On top of that, I’m glad you got to take in the view from on top ‘Antenna’. Sounds like a great observation point. Have a great time on your summer camp stays to come, Ben.

To anybody who is interested in attending a summer camp stay at Laity Lodge, you can peruse their website when you click right here to see if it might be the right place for you and your camper. Until next time, thanks for reading. And, as always, Happy Camping!


- John


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