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Livi T. Loves Camping

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Hey, Camp Kids!

We love our annual ‘Share Your Camp Story’ Contest at Everything Summer Camp and with the turnout we saw, this has been the best year yet! Your stories were great and it was such a fun time reading through them. Get a look at each submission as I post them one-by-one right here on the Blog!See what fun Livi T. had at Camp Wise this last summer!

Today’s post is from Livi T. who wrote in to tell us about another year at Camp Wise. Set your eyes on her summer camp submission right now:

My summer camp experience at Camp Wise was fabulous! Each year I look forward to attending Camp Wise during the 1st session. I absolutely love Camp Wise because I made so many real and true friends, have loads of fun during every moment of the day and evening and there are so many fabulous activities to do. I especially love to horseback ride and take part in aquatic activities down by the lake. This year, I was sad to miss tubing which was my cabin activity because it is such a ‘wild ride’ and loads of fun! One thing that is especially awesome is the caliber of camp staff; my counselors were so supportive, fun, and engaging. They helped us not only have fun, but also developed mentor-type relationships with us and offered excellent advice, as well as enjoying the activities at camp with our cabin and village. One of the best parts of camp this year was that my team, ‘red’, won the camp competition called the Maccabiah Games. Everyone is so excited for the fun and competition – all campers and staff have amazing team spirit! I participated each year at camp, save one, and this was the first year that my team won! Last, I love to celebrate Shabbat at camp. It is a magical time that the entire camp comes together, as a family and a community to welcome Shabbat. It starts with a walk where all the campers are picked up, each camper is clean and dressed up in their special clothes. Then, everyone gathers together and sings songs and celebrates the peace of Shabbat, the day of rest.” 

Glad you had yet another fantastic summer stay at Camp Wise, Livi! It’s great that you get to have so much fun at camp! Whether you’re making a splash in the lake or speeding along on horseback, I’m glad you’ve found a camp that can provide what you find most fun! Thanks for sharing, Livi. And for anybody else interested in Camp Wise, give it a closer look for yourself some time and, as always, thanks for reading!


- John



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