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Hey, Camp Folks!

We’re almost always adding and improving upon our products here at Everything Summer Camp. Sometimes our products go through quite the journey to arrive at the product you see in our store. Take a look at our Trunk Liner accessory, for example, and check out the incredibly different origin of this particular product:

Paper Lining
A number of years back, we used to line our trunks with a paper lining. The plywood we used back then wasn’t the superior, cabinet-grade wood we use now and it didn’t always look the most beautiful. We also used fasteners that would protrude into the interior of the trunk. The paper lining hid these undesirable elements of our trunks. 

Once we upgraded to a visually pleasing wood and changed fastener methods, it no longer made sense to line our trunks. We wanted to show off our new gorgeous interior—complete with that rich birch scent and old-fashioned feeling. 

Of course, we still wanted to offer the option of a liner to protect that beautiful wood so we developed our fabric liner trunk accessory. It’s been through a number of modifications over the years to arrive at its latest and greatest version. 

Fabric Liner
Similar to the lining you can find in a suitcase, our water-resistant Trunk Liner is actually thicker and tougher. The protective nylon fabric is constructed for a perfect fit in your camp trunk. It couldn’t be easier to remove and only takes a moment longer to reinstall—no tools necessary! We offer our Trunk Liner in three sizes to fit our Happy Camper, UnderGrad, and Graduate trunks. 

Click right here to browse our entire selection of traditional steel trunks as well as our extensive and innovative collection of trunk accessories. As always, thanks for reading and happy camping! 


- John


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