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Way to Go Newaygo $50 Winner!

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Hey, Camp Fans!

It’s the Everything Summer Camp ‘Share Your Camp Story’ Contest! We’re in full swing for this year, announcing our lucky winners and sharing their stories right here on the Blog. Today, I’m announcing another one of our $50 gift certificate winners! Today, the winner is….
Visit Camp Newaygo to see for yourself what a fun experience it is there!
Lily E.!

Congratulations, Lily! You win a $50 gift certificate to our one-stop camping gear shop! Even though Lily is only six, this was already her second year at summer camp. Lily attended a Mom & Me Day Camp with her mother Jessica at Camp Newaygo. Read about it in her Contest entry right here:

Hi, I’m Lily. I am six years old. I have a story to tell you about my favorite camp, Camp Newaygo. This was my second time going there for Mom & Me Camp, and it was really fun. You can meet a lot of new friends there, and there is a lot to do there. You can do tie dye and you can go kayaking and canoeing and lots of stuff. I really liked Mom & Me Yoga and the rock climbing wall. It was really fun to do that at camp. I hope to go back next year.

In the cabins there are bunk beds that you can sleep on. You can eat dinner and lunch and breakfast there – the food is really good! For my first day at camp, there was pizza for lunch and I had 4 pieces. It was really good- YUM! Breakfast is good too!

There are pottery and animal classes that you can learn about animals. Next year I am going to take fencing, arts and crafts and I might be doing drama. Camp is great for little kids and big kids who really want to learn new things. I’m definitely going to tell my friends about Camp Newaygo, and maybe they can come with me too. It’s going to be really fun to go back to Camp Newaygo next year!

So cool, Lily! It’s great to hear that you’re already getting into the summer camp spirit as much as you have! How nice of an idea to attend camp with your mother! Sounds like you both had a lot of fun. Keep the camp fun going as long as it lasts! To anybody else interested in Camp Newaygo, you can check it out by clicking right here and, as always, thanks for reading!

- John


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