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Hey, Basketball Lovers!

One name that will never fade from the NBA’s memory is the legendary Michael Jordan. An all-star player who ceaselessly amazed fans and colleagues, Michael Jordan goes down in history as one of the best athletes to play the game. Not a camper himself, but the owner of his own basketball camp, the Michael Jordan Flight School—the leading youth basketball camp in the world—I’ve covered Michael previously on the Blog.

But there’s much more to learn about this magical basketball player. Here’s a little bit more about him.

It Tongues in the Family
Notorious for sticking his tongue out, when it came to focus on the court, Michael’s father is where he got it from. His dad would have his tongue hanging out as he fix-it projects around the house. Turns out that Michael’s father got it from HIS father. He recalls Michael’s grandfather who would have his tongue out as he worked on automobiles. It’s since been coined as ‘Concentration Tongue’.


Number 12 for One Day

Michael Jordan wore the number 23 for his whole career…except for one day when somebody stole his jersey from the locker room about an hour before gametime. The thief was never found and, forced to go with what they had around, Michael wore a nameless jersey with the number 12 printed on it.

Do You Believe in Magic Johnson?

His own childhood hero, Michael loved watching Magic Johnson when he was growing up. His friends started calling him Magic Jordan and the license plate of the first car he ever got even read ‘MGCJRDN’. Magic and Michael eventually became very good friends.

Have fun with your friends on the hoop and court you have available to you and look into visiting a basketball camp for your next summer stay! And, as always, thanks for reading!


- John


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