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Like a Rhinestone Camper

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Howdy, Little Cowboys and Cowgirls. 

We love being able to offer some of the coolest and cutest products from iScream here at Everything Summer Camp. This place always has the most unique, colorful, and hilarious camp stuff that are great additions to your comfort collection like pillows, socks, robes, and plenty more! What else? Take a look at the Rhinestone Decal collection from iScream we have available here on our online shop. 

These colorful, shimmering stickers are safe on surfaces, constructed with a hard rhinestone face with an adhesive back that can be removed and reused in case you change your mind on where it goes. Personalize your world and let iScream help! We have a plethora of pretty, popping options to choose from. 

Starring a bunch of cute characters, you can pick from the Watermelon, Mermazing, Pandacorn, Pizza, Pinata, Rainbow and Clouds, Narwhal, Eye, Cactus-Cutie, Emoji Fries, Slice of Cake, Rainbow Poop, TV, and more. These Decals are available in a small size as well as a large with varying dimensions. Check out our available small options right here. Or browse the large options by clicking here

Bedeck your belongings with these beautiful gems on your clipboards, toiletry bags, notebooks, bedroom, and more. These Rhinestone Decal stickers from iScream are a great touch for decorating your things. Sparkling at subtly different angles for a mesmerizing show, these colorful decals are perfectly appealing to the eye and add a little bit of pop to your surroundings! 

iScream is synonymous with comfort. Get your lounge on with these awesome pillows, awesome socks, along with plenty of other cozy products from iScream here at Everything Summer Camp. Check out their entire selection we have available when you click right here. And, as always, thanks for reading, Camp Folks! Ready. Set. Rhinestone! 


- John


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