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Let the Countdown Begin

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Happy First of May, Camp Fans!

Spring is in full swing which means that summer is right around the corner! As this pandemic wraps up, I think folks are looking forward to summer camp now more than ever before. We’re excited too here at Everything Summer Camp which is why we’re proposing a countdown! In celebration of the coming camp season, we want you to post your own creative way of counting down the days until opening day for your camp stay!

Figure out how many days you have until you’ll be arriving at camp and then start getting creative! Find some good items to use so you can shape the numbers for your countdown. Maybe grab some of your camp gear from last year or gather some sticks and form the number of days you have until camp officially begins. Snap a picture of the number you created and post it on our Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

Try and use some camp-themed items—a straight stick and a round rock could make a cool number 10. A tennis racquet laid in the opposite direction of another racquet would be an easy 8.

In our anticipation for the summer camp season, we’ll be getting in on the fun too here at Everything Summer Camp. Instead of counting down to a first day of camp, we’re counting down to the first day of summer: Saturday, June 20.

We’re starting our countdown today at 51 days to go till summer officially begins! And for our first post, here’s what we’re putting out:

Enjoy the creativity in coming up with your own ways to shape the numbers of your daily countdown and make the most out of each day until your camp season arrives. Each day is one day closer to camp! Have fun counting down and, as always, thanks for reading, Camp Fans!


- John

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