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Let the Black Friday Week Sale Begin!!!

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Hey Deal-Hunters!

You can ease up on your scopes when you shop our online store! At Everything Summer Camp, you’ll find deals every which way you turn. Starting tomorrow, our Black Friday sales stretch all the way through Cyber Monday, so be sure you take advantage of these jaw-dropping deals while they last! Check out the rest of this post to know where the real hot spots are and then GET SHOPPING!!!


Look through our C&N Camp Trunks to Duffels and Name Labels to Laundry Bags,  for sales that seem too good to be true! But don’t pinch yourself too hard. You’re not dreaming! Here’s a little breakdown on some of our best deals:


Solid Color Trunks: Get Solid Color Traditional Steel Camp Trunks like the ever-popular Happy Camper and Undergrad for $30 off!

Create-Your-Own Footlockers: These customizable Camp Trunks that allow you the choice of color for each surface panel are taking a $20 dive in price!

Designer Trunks: Made with printing technology that embeds the image directly into the exterior metal of the trunk, these innovative trunks are down $20 as well! This applies even to our new trunk designs that we just came out with!

Trunk Accessories: To sweeten our trunk deals, you’ll find select products in our Trunk Accessories at a discount of 20% too!


Name Labels: From Clothing Stamps to Stick On Labels, you can find these products at 20% off   

Laundry Bags: Along with our Name Labels, we have our Laundry Bags at 20% off too. Some are even better! Our Buckhead Betties Laundry Bags have dropped from $14.99 to $3.99. Our ESC Deluxe Laundry Bags have gone all the way from $24.99 to $4.99!


Make your gear shout ‘you’ with our awesome personalized products. Put your name on a variety of gear from blankets to backpacks and laundry bags to floor mats! Find great deals on these great products right here!


Be sure to check out the great deals we have on some of the great brands we offer. Enjoy 25% off on duffel bags from Osprey. Shop for sleeping bags from Kelty and save up to 50%. If that cheap backpack you bought at the beginning of the school year isn’t holding up you’ll definitely want to see the deals we have on high quality packs from Jansport. You’ll also find saving from Crazy Creek, Smartwool, Under Armour, and other amazing brands.


There are a lot more deals you can find across our site too, so have fun poking around, but to name just a handful more, check out our O2 Cool USB Fans and the Printed CamelBak Chute Water Bottle at only $2.99 each. We also have our Everything Summer Camp Gear Bag that’s gone from $39.99 to $9.99. Lastly, our Columbia Twin Falls Duffel Bag, regularly $109.99 is dropped down to $24.99 for this week-long sale!


If you’re unsure what to get your camper, you can always buy a card and let the camper go through the gear they want to get!

Have fun finding these fantastic deals all over our shop! Enjoy yourself, but act while supplies last! And be sure to get your shopping in before midnight next Tuesday and get a jump on summer camp preparation! As always, thanks for reading!


- John

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