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Legendary Aaron Rodgers

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Hey, Football Fans!

As we draw away from the summer season, we’re typically left with some disappointment. One thing that always brightens the coming Autumn season, however, is the beginning of the football season! Born and raised Wisconsinites here at Everything Summer Camp, the Green Bay Packers are our favorite when it comes to the football team we root for.  So it should come as no surprise that when writing about a record setter in the world of the NFL, we would choose to highlight the Packers quarterback, Aaron Rodgers!

A Green Bay starter for the past 12 years (which happens to be his jersey number), Aaron has proven to be quite the capable quarterback. While most Packers fans were concerned to see the legendary Brett Favre leave the team, we had no idea what we were getting in his place: a two-time MVP, record breaking stud of the NFL.

Among a plethora of other records, his chief achievement gives him the title of ‘Most Productive Passer in NFL History’. Proving himself by his passer rating, Rodgers displays a strong lead over all other NFL quarterbacks when it comes to his passing success.  

Rodgers surpasses all other quarterbacks with such a high rating that it’s sure to put him in the hall of fame. His passer rating is so high, in fact, that up until last year, he had been the only quarterback in the history of the NFL whose passer rating climbed into the triple-digits (recently joined by Russell Wilson of the Seattle Seahawks at 101.2). Though it used to be higher a number of years back at 106, he still holds an impressive lead at 102.4!

For his record-setting performance thus far in his career, Aaron Rodgers has become a lock as a future Hall of Famer which couldn’t make Packers fans more excited. Eager to see what the 2020 NFL season brings, we’re thrilled to sit back and enjoy the show. We hope our readers all over the country will enjoy the return of football and, as always, thanks for reading!


- John


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