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Lazerbrite Modular Flashlight

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Hey, Camp Aficionados!

If you haven’t already gotten a good flashlight for summer camp, this post should be of great interest to you. Last month I talked about the amazing new product that we started selling here at Everything Summer Camp (the Hybrid Solar Flashlight).

Today I’m discussing our other, new alternative to the Hybrid Solar Flashlight: Lazerbrite’s Modular Flashlights. Equally impressive in very different ways, both of these flashlights make excellent choices for summer camp.lazerbrite_flashlight_blog

Let me tell you why LazerBrite’s LED flashlights are so great.You’ve never seen a flashlight before that can match the versatility and overall handiness that LazerBrite’s flashlights flaunt. Their Single Mode flashlight includes one Translucent Tube and two LazerBrite heads to give you a double-ended flashlight.

Each head shines a different color of LED brilliance at two different levels of brightness. There’s also a third setting that flashes. The heads are also removable from the tube so you essentially have three separate light sources.

Whether you go with the LazerBrite Single Mode flashlight, the Multi-Lux, the Multi-Lux with LED bulbs, or the accessory kit, there’s no going wrong. The accessory kit includes an iris, a single glow dome, and a threaded attached loop to hook onto your backpack or what have you.

The iris in the accessory kit, much like the iris of your eyeball, can be dilated and expand to increase how much light your shining. This feature can be handy for any reason, but it was specifically designed to light the ground that you’re walking on without having to shine all your light at your feet. The iris and the glow dome will provide you with visibility in two different directions!

LazerBrite flashlight heads are all water resistant and even submersible up to 50 meters. Each head contains 75 hours of battery life—150 on a double-headed flashlight. Have LazerBrite light your way at camp this summer and thanks for reading!

- John

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