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Lantern AND Flashlight

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Hey, Shining Campers!

You’re sure to find flashlights as essential items on everybody’s packing list for summer camp. The world has no shortage of flashlights—from the kinds you’ll find in any given household to tactical flashlights made for military use—so shop with Everything Summer Camp where we offer the best flashlights specifically for summer campers!

When the sun goes down at summer camp, your child will need a reliable source of light to make their way back from a trip to the bathroom to the camp fire where all their friends are hanging out. Then, hang it above your bunk to read a book before lights out or write a letter home. Make that reliable source the 2-in-1 Outdoor Camp Lantern and Flashlight from the affordable Gear Up brand.

Use this handy piece of camping equipment expanded to set or hang as a lantern for area lighting. And, when retracted with an easy sliding motion, it becomes a flashlight to illuminate your path! The Lantern cranks out 350 Lumens to light up your surroundings and 80 Lumens when in flashlight mode!

The 2-in-1 Outdoor Camp Lantern/Flashlight is a powerful light source with a durable body. Carry or hang it using its convenient rubber handle. Runs off of three AA batteries giving it long run times.

Get a good look at the Gear Up 2-in-1 Outdoor Camp Lantern and Flashlight by clicking here. Or, have a gander at all the kid-friendly lighting options available right here on our online store. We carry some of the best brands out there with names like Nite Ize, Black Diamond, Hybrid Light, Petzl, and even more.

Remember—when you need some light, Gear Up! This brand is dedicated to an affordable, quality product line of essential camping equipment. Check out the rest of our lanterns, flashlights, headlamps, and more by clicking here. Thanks for reading, Camp Folks and, as always, Happy Camping!


- John

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