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Koda captured the flag!

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Hey, Camp Fans!

A while back in mid-July, I asked you guys to share your camp stories. Ask and we DID receive! We got a great response with nearly 30 entries so we’re happily publishing each and every submission right here on the Blog! Everyone who submitted got $15 gift certificates and seven lucky winners got larger prizes of $25, $50, and the grand prize of $100. Today I’m announcing the second $50 winner. Are you ready? The winner is….

Koda N.! Congrats! You’re the second $50 prize winner! Koda spent his summer at Camp Leelanau where he played an epic game of Leelanau’s version of Capture-the-Flag. Check it out in this exciting entry from Koda:Have your adventures at Camp Leelanau“We were on our way to the flag trip. I was so excited!! It was my first time ever going on the flag trip! But There were only 3 words in my head, “tackle with care”. Although this was a tackling game we were going to tackle with love, not hatred. When we got there we ate lunch and changed into our camo clothes. A few counselors told us the rules of the game and how it worked. There were two flags in the woods, one for each team. The flag was on a rope and the rope was connected to two trees. There was also a jail. The jail was made out of three trees in the shape of a triangle. There was a rope around those three trees to make a triangular prism. There were two parts to each team, offense and defense. The defense watched over the flag and the offense tried to get the flag of the opposing team. The people playing offense ran over to the other team’s base and tried to get past the defense (which was trying to tackle you). If you got tackled you went to jail but if you didn’t get tackled you ran to the other teams flag and grabbed it. Then you yelled, “flag, flag, flag”. If you yelled only two “flags” and then got tackled to the ground you had to go to their jail. But if you yell all three flags without getting tackled you get a point and a free walk back your team’s base. You get out of jail by climbing over the rope and running back to your team’s base. Each base was on a hill and there was a gap in between each hill. That place is a safe zone, so you can’t get tackled and you can’t tackle.

I started off as an offensive player, I ran to a part of their hill where they weren’t looking. I just laid there thinking of a plan to get to their flag. Seconds turned into minutes. Minutes turned into an hour, tons of mosquitoes buzzed in my ear. But I didn’t budge at all. All of a sudden I heard somebody yell “I see Koda!” and then I got up and ran to their flag. I ran past their defense and grabbed the flag, “flag,flag,flag.” I had gotten a flag!!!!! I went back to our base and told my team the good news. We had won the game!!!!!!!!!!”

Thanks again for your submission, Koda. We’re happy to hear about your good times! For anyone else interested in Camp Leelanau, you can check it out right here. As always, thanks for reading!


- John


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