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Kids and Camp Decisions

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Hey, Camp Preppers!

So you’ve got your camp picked out, you’re shopping for camping gear, you’re scheduling a physical; you’re on top of it when it comes to prepping for your child’s summer camp stay this season. But there’s one part of camp prepping that you won’t find on any packing list or complete with a visit to the doctor.

A major part of preparing for camp is including your child in the preparations.

Posting on Mondays throughout the month of April, I will be sharing tips and advice on great ways to involve your child in the planning processes like shopping and packing. What this involvement will do for your kid is take away the mystery that surrounds summer camp

Just the same way that it’s a big deal for kids to play a part in choosing their classes for school, it’s also a big deal for kids to feel as though they have a certain amount of control in the decision-making processes of summer camp.

The fact is that kids who aren’t involved in the planning of their own camp experience end up feeling forced to go. They are much more likely to get homesick rather than kids who, with the help and guidance of their parents, make decisions about their camp stay.

A great way to urge kids to get more involved in the planning process is simply by asking them questions about what they would like to get out of their camp experience. Encourage your kid to ask friends who have already gone to camp questions about how they liked it and what the activities were like.

Tune in next week to learn about the importance helping your kid grasp JUST HOW LONG their stay at summer camp will be. You can get even better pointers from The Summer Camp Handbook, available at Everything Summer Camp. As always, thanks for reading!


- John


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