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Kick off your Shoes and Relax your Chi

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Hey, Busy Boys and Girls!

As the summer heat begins to retreat, our minds start to shift from the hustle bustle of summer and we slowly focus more on the relaxing side of life. Summer certainly is a demanding season. Take today for a great break from the constant hecticness of always being on the go, always being engaged, and always occupying your mind. Today’s Relaxation Day. Take a note and do some non-doing! 

Wakeful relaxation is just as important as relaxing in your sleep! Some people call it meditation. Others say non-doing. It sounds counterproductive—sitting there doing nothing—but it actually increases your efficiency through everyday life with shocking effectiveness.

Check out the Benefits of Focusing on Doing Nothing:

Go With the Flow

Don’t think of it so much as ‘doing nothing’ but more like building your ability to go with the flow. By letting go of built-up tension from daily stresses, we strengthen our connectedness to living in the moment. We pay better attention to what we are doing, and our actions come with less effort.

Flexing Your Focus

Whether you were drawing a picture or making contact between the ball and your bat, have you ever felt so focused on something that you knew you would succeed? When you’re that tapped into the moment, time seems to slow down and we feel melded with whatever we are doing.

Lose the ‘Tude

A bad attitude affects everyone it encounters, but for your own sake if for no one else’s, ditching a crummy mood feels amazing! Often times, we choose to simply stay in the mode we’ve been in—a sort of emotional inertia—but taking the time to focus on nothing but deep breathing is more often than not just what you need to switch gears for a more positive demeanor.

Give yourself a break today. Take a relaxing bath, sit in a comfy chair, go lie in the grass—just try not to let your mind wander too much. Focus on enjoying the moment without any demands or problems to distract you. It’s not always so easy, but it’s incredibly refreshing when you make it happen. So, go ahead! Do yourself a favor, and find some time to really relax today! And, as always, thanks for reading!


- John

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