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Kelty’s Revolutionary DriDown Sleeping Bag

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Hey, Summer Camp Fans!

As you start thinking about summer camp preparations, you’re going to need a good sleeping bag for those chilly summer nights—nights you spend underneath the stars. Make sure you’re equipped with the appropriate camping supplies.

For today’s blog post, I’ll be discussing the key differences between Kelty’s revolutionary DriDown Sleeping Bags as opposed to other Kelty sleeping bags that are insulated with regular down. I’ll start by going into what DriDown is and why it is vastly superior to an untreated, regular down or synthetic down.


Sleeping bags that are insulated with plain down or—worse—synthetic down are certain to lose the light loft that they once had when you first got ‘em. As moisture slowly seeps inside, it adds up, and over the years, your sleeping bag becomes more or less ineffective at keeping the warmth inside where it belongs.

The worst part about it: there’s nothing you can do to stop it.

Exclusive to Kelty Sleeping Bags, like the IGNITE DriDown 20°, DriDown consists of a natural down insulation which gets treated with a polymer that works on a molecular level. This gives each and every separate plume of each and every downy feather a hydrophobic finish which prevents the down from absorbing moisture.

It’s not invincible to the affects of water—it’s not waterproof—but this down will stand up to water 10 times longer than untreated down. That should give DriDown a good ten more years than any other insulation can endure. It also retains 63% more loft after it’s been exposed to humidity and moisture.

As advertised, DriDown keeps warmer, stays drier, and dries faster—33% faster, in fact! The Kelty Ignite DriDown Sleeping Bag lets internal moisture out and keeps the warmth in. It’s good enough for temperatures that hit dew points.

It’s even environmentally friendly as opposed to sleeping bags made with a synthetic insulation that contains petroleum. DriDown is made with natural down—a renewable natural resource.

Until next time, Readers! As always, thanks for reading!


- John

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