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Kelty est. 1952

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Hey there, Camp Enthusiasts!

Today’s blog post will discuss another one of the great companies whose excellent products we offer here at Everything Summer Camp. The last time we discussed such a business was with Crazy Creek. We learned about the rainy, horrible night that gave Rob Hart the idea for the Crazy Creek Chair and his good friend John who now owns the company.Kelty Logo

This blog post features one of the coolest brands to buy since 1952! Kelty has established itself as the affordable and reliable place to go for outdoor, camping gear. Whether you’re an experienced camp buff or a nervous novice, Kelty gives everyone the confidence to really experience an involvement in nature and not have to avoid it.

For a few years in the late-forties and early-fifties, a carpenter named Dick Kelty started making packs out of his garage at home. He sold them to his friends and nearly made seven hundred dollars in his first year of business. Dick made each backpack frame by hand and welded them. His wife sewed them.

Business grew rapidly. In 1953, Kelty’s sales tripled. The next year, they doubled. A couple years after that, Dick quit his carpentry business to work on Kelty backpacks full-time.

I guess you could say that Kelty was hot from the start. It wasn’t long after that that, Kelty packs were used exclusively in an expedition for the first American ascent on the West Ridge of Mt. Everest. A couple years after that, Kelty was used again by National Geographic for an expedition in Antarctica! In 1975 they were used for the American ascent of K2.

Over the years Kelty has started offering a wider range of family and camping products like Kelty sleeping bags, kids sleeping bags, clothing, luggage, and child carriers. They’ve also revamped products. In 1974, they introduced their first internal frame backpack.

Today, Kelty continues adding to and improving upon the camping gear they offer. Most recently, in 2013, they introduced the first inflatable tent, the AirPitch™ along with DriDown™, their natural, hydrophobic down that isn’t scared of a little moisture.

Everything Summer Camp is more than happy to be doing business with a company that loves to evolve as much as we do. Thank you, Kelty.

Until next time. Thanks for reading, Campers!


- John

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