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Keep it..comin’, love! Keep it..comin’, love…

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Hey, Trunk Lovers!

To begin February on the Blog, I posted about our new Designer Trunks—camp trunks that sport a design of your choice with over a hundred options to choose from! Designer Trunks are made with the same rugged and detailed construction as is given to all C&N Footlockers, except the traddesigner-camp-trunks-for-girls-aztec-stripes-kiwi-strawberryitional steel exterior is swapped out for a durably-laminated and dazzling high-definition print.

In my last post about Designer Trunks, I told you that on top of the hundred-plus options that are already available, we’re adding more all the time! Well, make way! As we now approach the end of February, I thought I’d post again about the new patterns we’ve added focool-camp-trunks-for-kids-paisley-explosion-midnightr our Designer Trunks since the month began.

Recently adding a sequel to our Aztec Designer Trunk—inspired by the minds of the native people in ancient Mexico—we now offer Aztec Stripes. Cousin to our Botanical Explosion Pattern Trunk, the Paisley Explosiodesigner-camp-trunk-for-kids-bubbles-blueberryn Designer Trunk is a celebratory spray of floral designs growing wild. We’ve also added a work of whimsy with our Bubbles Trunk. Float away on these enchanting hollow spheres as they journey across this Designer Trunk.

We also added our Cubic Weave Trunk which features cube under and over and under and over and under and over other cubes. designer-trunk-footlocker-cubic-weave-goldTaken in as a whole, it makes for a neat-looking camp trunk. Lastly, our Floating Circles Trunk is included in this current batch of new trunks. Abstract dots orbiting each other in white air, Floating Dots makes for an eye-catching, mesmerizing, and colorful Designer Trunk.
Our Designer Trunks are sure to be all the rage!l

We only continue adding to our collection of Designer Trunks, and most of our trunk designs have multiple color options. With so many options adding up quickly, our Designer Trunks are certain to deliver a trunk that strikes your fancy.

Once complete, Designer Trunks are more durable than paint! So what are you waiting for? Click here to check them out and order your own! As always, thanks for reading.


- John

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