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Keep it rolling – Moose Wheeled Duffel Bag

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Hey, Camp Fans,

We all know what fun summer camp is. And we also know what kind of a hassle it can be to get yourself and all your summer camp gear there and back in one piece. That’s where we come in with the J World Moose Wheeled Duffel BagJWorld-Moose Wheeled Duffel.

You can trust this duffel to make a trip to camp a lot easier on you. It’s got plenty of room inside to fit lots of the gear you’ll need at camp. The Moose has padding inside for absolute safety of all your valuables as well as no shortage of pockets and compartments for easy and organized storage.

It may be a long, bumpy road to your camp, but you can rest assured that all your belongings will be safe inside your J World Moose and look the same as when you first packed it all up and started your journey.

The J World Moose is made with two soft and silent wheels that work great for smoothly traversing a hectic airport where quick turns and pivoting can be necessary amongst the crowds. And the Moose also rolls great on a terrain that is much rougher than that of an airport floor; say, like your unpaved campgrounds!

The bottom of this wheeled duffel bag is ABS molded with inner padding that guarantees the protection of all your valuables inside.

Whether you’re taking your Moose along with you to go on a hike, going to the beach, or simply moving your gear to and from camp, the Moose is made to keep up with your eventful summer. It will deliver all the durability and convenience you could want in a rolling duffel bag.

The Moose has a full-sized, U-shaped, zippered opening for easy packing as well as zippered mesh and a pocket that can hold your shoes or anything you have that’s gotten wet—all of which makes this duffel bag easily accessible and perfect for your summer camp experience.

Let this wheeled Moose keep camp convenient and care-free and, as always, thanks for reading, Camp Fans!


- John
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