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Hey, KEEN Kids!

Here at Everything Summer Camp, we love discovering a little about the people behind the businesses with whom we work. And we love sharing those stories with our faithful customers and Blog followers. Among the excellent brands that make up our assorted footwear department, KEEN is the latest. What eventually became known as the Newport Sandal, was invented in 1999 by Martin Keen in Jamestown, Rhode Island.

Within a few more years, the first KEEN sandals and shoes were put into production featuring a protective black toe bumper. The toe guard has since become KEEN’s most iconic element about their footwear—great protection against any surprises your feet may encounter out on the trails, around the waterfront, or any other place. Check out some of the other great features you’ll find in select footwear from our KEEN selection:

Lots of footwear from KEEN has a waterproof and breathable insert that keeps your feet dry for lasting comfort—rain or shine.

Traverse any terrain and all terrain with the rubber outsole that’s made to give you high grip-ability traction. No joke!

Specific to the Big Kid's Ridge Flex Mid Waterproof Hiking Boot, this trail shoe provides increased flexibility and freedom so that little feet don’t have to work too hard to move around!

KEEN isn’t just simply about making shoes. While they love it and it’s a craft they’ve mastered, KEEN knows they’re actual purpose runs deeper than manufacturing footwear. They’re here to make a difference: to make the outside and trades accessible to all. And to clean up the planet while they’re at it. Shop around to check out our selection of KEEN footwear. You’ll be doing your feet a favor! Shop our KEEN selection by clicking right here and, as always, thank for reading!


- John

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