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#1 Camp Rainboot: Kamik Stomp

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Hey, Camp Enthusiasts!

When we first started this blog back in February, as an introduction I went over all the different topics we planned on posting about. Among a good handful of others, certain blog posts—such as this one—I’ll go into the intriguing details and stories of other companies with whom we do business.

On these posts, you’ll read all about companies who have become and still are essential to our country. Learn about the fun stories from companies like Columbia, 3 Cheers for Girls, and Crazy Creek—how their businesses got started and the success they’ve seen selling their particular products.Kamik

Today’s blog post concentrates on Kamik, a family-owned company based in Canada. Kamik has been successfully manufacturing and supplying footwear such as rain boots to Canada as well as the United States for over 100 years!

A lot has changed about the company since they first got their start in 1932—in fact, almost everything is different. They still make shoes, I guess. That’s about it. But in the midst of many modern companies shifting their business overseas, Kamik is still proud to be manufacturing their footwear with awesome success in North America.

Only several years after buying a footwear factory in Quebec, Mr. William Cook had to revamp the company’s products. They went from making old-fashioned women’s shoes to manufacturing modern footwear. This change ultimately saved the company from potentially closing its doors and losing the 200 jobs it provided.

Around the mid-forties, they were calling themselves General Footwear and in 1957, William Cook retired, leaving the company in the able hands of his son, Gordon.

Throughout the seventies, the company changed their name to Genfoot; and, though they wouldn’t really get to be known as Kamik until the nineties, they first started making footwear under the brand name Kamik which is the Inuit word for “foot covering”.

Not too long ago in 2003, Gordon Cook retired and his son Richard is now the president of the company. Kamik remains a thriving business that’s recently introduced a recyclable, PVC-free, synthetic rubber which keeps its flexibility and traction whether it’s a cold, wintry day or a summer camp scorcher.

As they say on their Web site, “We build footwear and clothing that let you embrace the elements and enjoy the outdoors in any weather.” So get into the Kamik spirit and enter the outdoors protected and ready!

Until next time, Readers! And, as always, thanks for reading!


- John

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