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Hey, Camp Fans!

Before we step any further into the month of March, it’s time to give the official Everything Summer Camp 2019 Resolutions update. Employees around the office here have set goals for themselves going into the year and I’m here to keep tabs on everybody. I hope all of you are doing as well as folks around our office are with your own resolutions!

Check out the positive things we’re up to around the office:Growing our own flowers this month in wintry Wisconsin March weather.

Amy resolved to reform her diet and start eating better. “Still doing ok on the healthy eating,” she informed me. She tacked on a confession saying, “Other than the two batches of cookies I made and ate a lot of.” Amy’s calling herself out here, but aside from this little slip, she certainly seems to be going strong! Keep up the good work, Amy!

Anita made the resolution to increase her overall health with more exercise and kicking lousy habits. Anita happily reported that she’s been doing good overall. She’s been staying very busy and recently took a weeklong trip to Florida where her eating (and the weather) was fantastic! While it was hard to return, Anita’s excited to continue her healthy habits in the coming month!

Diane set out this year to make the world better by helping people more. Throughout February, Diane has actually quadrupled her initial intent to do a random good deed every month. “I did four this month,” she told me! “I don't know if I really am making this world a better place but I know the four families I did the good deed for were very appreciative.” You’re doing great, Diane!

Matt resolved to shed some pounds and lose weight in the coming year. He’s still feeling good about his condition. “Still down 20 lbs.,” he shared. “Still eating as much healthy food as I can.” That’s excellent news from Matt! Well done, Matt. 

Morgan, who resolved to get straight A’s in her last semester of college, responded to my checkup that, “Yes, so far so good! It’s still early in the semester and I only have 2 grades in, but all A’s! Off to a good start!” Wonderful work, Morgan!

Nate has resolved to spend more time with his family and more ‘playtime’ with his kids. He sounds pleased with his family’s progress throughout this past month. He mentioned that he’s been playing with his boys a couple nights a week, typically with his wife and daughter nearby reading or playing along. They do card games and, all in all, have made a habit of being together more often. Sounds great, Nate!

As for Myself, I resolved to be less judgmental toward people and to have more patience. After some changes I’ve made throughout February, I’ve been put to the test on reducing my judgements. I can’t say that I haven’t lost sight of my resolution at times, however, I’ve remained mindful about it and am still putting my best foot forward. March is really going to make or break me, I think!

I think we’re all still looking really good. I’m very proud of us so far! Keep up the good work, everybody (except for Bob who hasn’t changed a bit yet)! Keep up the good work with your own resolutions for 2019 and, as always, thanks for reading, Everybody!


- John

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