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Jump into Summer Fun on National Waterpark Day

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Hey, Waterpark Lovers!

It's time to celebrate National Waterpark Day, a day dedicated to the thrilling world of aquatic adventures with water slides, wave pools, and other swimming fun like I'm sure you had at summer camp! This day is all about summer fun and the joy of cooling off in the refreshing waters of a waterpark. Get ready to dive into the history of waterparks, from their humble beginnings to the thrilling attractions we know today.

Back in 1906—a bygone era when water slides were just a dream—the New Zealand International Exhibition introduced the world to a wild ride called ‘The Water Chute’ and it really made a splash. Overdressed riders would hop into specially designed boats and slide down into Victoria Lake, even skipping across the water's surface for a momentary thrill. It was a sight to behold, lettin' folks taste the thrill of sliding through the watery depths.

After the exhibition in New Zealand, the concept of water slides was further developed by Herbert Sellner in Minnesota. A fella named Herbert Sellner took inspiration from the New Zealand extravaganza and concocted his own water toboggans.

These slick contraptions would hurtle down massive slopes, gliding gracefully across bodies of water. These early designs laid the foundation for the water slides we know today. In fact, U.S. Patent Services reported that some of these toboggans reached distances exceeding 100 feet!

As time marched on, theme parks started sproutin' up like mighty oaks in the 1960s. It was ’64 when one George Millay opened the first Sea World. Taken with his aquatic theme park, he took things a step further in the following decade with the world’s first official waterpark in Orlando, Florida. It was only the beginning. Soon, water parks were poppin' up left and right, making its way beyond the United States in Central and South America.

These parks started small but grew bigger and bolder with every passing year, reaching for towering heights and hitting faster and faster speeds. Zero-depth entry pools and splash pools became popular among families with young children, while wave pools and rough water rides attracted thrill-seekers. For those seeking relaxation, lazy rivers became a beloved feature of water parks, letting the current carry them away.

So, on this National Waterpark Day, let's celebrate the incredible water attractions that bring joy to both campers and families alike. Plan your next adventure to a waterpark where you can experience the excitement of swimming and cooling off in the most exhilarating ways. Dive in, make a splash, and cherish the memories of summertime fun!

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- John




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