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Juliann Picks Her Favorite Product

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Hey, Everything Summer Camp Fans!

Do you remember back in August when you were introduced to Everything Summer Camp’s Graphic Artist, Juliann? Her position demands a great deal of know-how, creativity, speed, and determination; luckily for Everything Summer Camp, Juliann is teaming with such skills. In fact, she excels at pretty much everything we throw her way.

For today’s post, I’m talking about Juliann again and her favorite piece of camp gear from Everything Summer Camp. So, what does she like the most?—Her own work of course! But when you turn out work that’s as good as what she does, what option do you really have? Juliann picked the Life of Camp T-shirt Collection for her favorite sleep camp shirt

She wowed us with her designs so we hope you’re just as pleased with the new line as we are. While her work never fails to impress everyone here at Everything Summer Camp, she really outdid herself when she designed the Life of Camp Collection. Life of Camp, if you don’t already know, is Everything Summer Camp’s very own, original line of cotton, camp tees.

Each one of Juliann’s Life of Camp T-shirts sports cool, campy artwork or a message with a fun font design. “I like the Life of Camp Collection because they let every camper express their opinions about camp right on their shirt!” says Juliann. “In a variety of colors, styles and phrases, these shirts are all about excitement, adventure, and having fun.”

Whether you go with the popular “Keep Calm and Carry On,” the cool, “Happy Camper” T-shirt with glow-in-the-dark ink, or one of our “Ten for Two” tees, you’ll be more than satisfied with your choice. The next time you don your Life of Camp T-shirt, you’ll know who to thank.

Till next time, Readers!


- John
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