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Josiah joined Camp Sweeney this summer

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Hey, Camp Fans!

In mid-July, I started asking our customers and Blog readers to share your camp stories with us. We got nearly 30 entries so we’re excited to share them now with our Blog followers. Everyone who submitted got $15 gift certificates and seven lucky winners got larger prizes of $25, $50, and the grand prize of $100. I’m announcing the first of the $25 winners today—right now. Get re-e-e-a-a-a-dddyyyyyy….

Congratulations to Josiah R.! You’re our second $25 prize winners for your Camp Story! Josiah tells us about his summer atListen to Josiah R. talk about his time at Camp Sweeney.“When I first came, all I thought I would do was have a bit of fun, learn about diabetes, and leave, but, I had a lot more than just that. We were inside this place called the S.A.C. They checked my temperature and checked for lice, I also chose my meal plan. We drove down a road which a cabin labeled “Brown Boyz” and I spelled that correctly, “Brown Boyz”. This, was my cabin, the youngest of 4 boy cabins. I walked in and immediately started making friends before I could even unpack my things. Lunch was fun. That lunch we ate chicken strips, and every time this camp has chicken strips, they sing a chant and make noise… Each table makes as much noise while saying “We love chicken strips yes we do, we love chicken strips how about you!” as loud as you possibly can. After lunch, we go to med lecture, Med lecture is where we actually learn about diabetes, each Brown boy camper had a little brother group, one counselor was there big brother. In our little brother group, we did beading, beading is when we talk about the other campers in the brother group, we said good things of course though.  After we leave here, we will usually go to the cabin and clean up, everyday every little brother group (except 2, and those to groups change daily) had to do one “chore”, weirdly, my little brother group usually didn’t even get a job, even though it was the oldest group. After we did this, we go to our 4th activity, mine, the first week, was Ultimate frisbee. Before we go to 4th and 5th classes, we go to “snack attack”  we usually had different snacks each day, my favorite snack was the chex mix, just because I love chex mix, and because we get a bigger quantity then other snacks. Ultimate frisbee is fun, you throw the fribee across the field to someone else, except to another goal, there are a few people on your team, once you have the frisbee in your hand, you can’t move to another spot, you can only swivel on one foot. Once you get to a goal, you score. After ultimate frisbee, there’s usually diet soda’s outside, inside an icebox, or cooler, when I finish drinking some Sprite zero (My favorite), I go to rock climbing, rock climbing was especially fun, I thought I was good at it. Dinner is pretty much the same as lunch, but, no mail call. After dinner, there is flag lowering, flag lowering is when they… well, lower the flag, we also stand and watch as people get called up for word of the day, the people are campers, and they answer a question, when they answer the question right, they choose an envelope, which, has either bonus, winner, or 10 tokens. 10 tokens. I think either is really cool. 10 tokens is 10 merit tokens, which you can use to buy things at the camp store. Winner chooses either a kindle, or Flip speakers. Bonus is really just a random prize everyday, like a Nintendo DS, or a hammock, or a puzzle cube. We then do a night activity, which is different every night. Once we’ve left here we eat a bedtime snack with our bedtime insulin. The snack varies, but is usually better when we eat it during a night activities, like at a lot of campfires, we’ll eat burgers, but in the cabin the best thing was a delicious BLT, but…. the burgers were more delicious. We get in bed and they will occasionally give out free food, which is carb-free foods, our foods that contain less than 5 grams of carb, which, I had learned in med lecture. This schedule is the same throughout the same, but somehow it was totally different eachday, like, even though everyday we played ultimate frisbee.”

Thanks again for your submission, Josiah. Check out Camp Sweeney for yourself and, as always, thanks for reading!


- John


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