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Join the Fun—Run!

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Hey, Runners!

Do you live for the thrill of the wind rushing past your face as your legs propel you forward with every stride? Running is involved in plenty of sports, but none put such a focus on running as the sport of Track & Field (also referred to as Cross Country). In fact, running is about all there really is to Track. Just a couple months back, I wrote about the invention and the guy who helped popularize Track. Check that post out by clicking here.

An incredibly inclusive sport, here are a few good reasons why Track & Field is a great sport for anybody and everybody to enjoy!

Everyone Can Do It!
Literally everyone is able to do it! It doesn’t matter how good or bad you. Meets are short—WAY shorter than any football or soccer meet. You may have to deal with some long bus rides, but generally Track is easy on your schedule. Also, it’s super cheap! All you really need are a good pair of running shoes and the proper apparel (things you may already own).

An Individual Sport with Teammates
While Track is a very individual sport that is based on your effort that you put into your training and races, it technically is a team sport. Your teammates are always there to cheer you on at all your workouts, races, and long-distance runs. Often times, your Track teammates become really good friends or at least a friendly face you know.

Feeling Good
It feels really great on a few different levels when you finish a race. Of course you’ll be exhausted, thirsty, and out of breath, you’ll feel on top of the world. People who sign up for Track aren’t necessarily in the greatest physical shape, but everyone sees some kind of progress. It’s a very rewarding activity!

All that being said, Track is anything but easy! You need strong determination to see a race through to the end—especially when you have to run in rain, snow, sleet, or extreme temperatures! Maybe Track will be an immensely positive part of your life this summer or in the next fall with your school. Enjoy every step and, as always, thanks for reading!


- John


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