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John’s Favorite Chair

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Hey, Blog Readers!

You may recall some time back when there was a Blog post in which yours truly made his introduction. That’s right. It’s me, John, your humble blogger. I’m the guy whose words you’ve been reading on the Everything Summer Camp Blog posts. I’m the Writer for Everything Summer Camp.

I’d say that the majority of the words you read on our Web site come from me. I work hard; but I’m not gonna lie: I get a lot of rest. Sleep is very important to me. And when I don’t get the right amount—LOOK OUT!

I’m only half joking here. But in all seriousness, sleep really is rather important to me. That’s why I’m a big fan of the AirChair Plus. I feel like Crazy Creek went and outdid air chair plusthemselves with this camp chair. It’s the ultimate sit/sleep combination. Happy camping requires a good night’s sleep and a good night’s sleep requires some sort of mattress.

The AirChair™ is far superior to any other chair that’s ever existed simply because of its easy conversion to a full-length mattress pad when you need to catch some Z’s. Just unzip the shell and pull out the attached pad extension. This chair has got air for cushioning in its dual-chamber air pad so you can adjust the firmness of your seat as you please.

Aside from camping, this chair’s great for sleepovers at friends’ houses and family visits at a relative’s house on an uninviting couch. The AirChair Plus is proof that camping doesn’t have to be uncomfortable! Get some good sleep.


- John
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