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Jive Clive Davis

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Hey, Campers!

Over 11 million people attend summer camp every year; it comes as no surprise to discover that tons of famous folks went to summer camp, just like you. From actors to athletes as well as artists and business executives like musicians and record producers, a plethora of familiar, famous names were once summer campers like yourself.

Clive Davis—a record producer and executive in the music industry—was affiliated with summer camp. Having lost both his parents as a teenager, Clive learned from a young age that he had to work hard in order to take care of himself. He worked at Camp Equinunk as a waiter for two summers while making his way through law school.

Equinunk sits alongside its sister camp, Blue Ridge, on more than 400 acres of fields and woodsy trails as well as a 75-acre private, spring fed lake in Pennsylvania—just a few hours outside the New York and Philadelphia area.

He’s been called the Man with Golden Ears: Clive has won five Grammy Awards and has been inducted (as a non-performer) into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. He’s worked with everyone including a wide range like Bob Dylan and Paul Simon to artists of more modern times like Whitney Houston and Kelly Clarkson.

But before he ever dreamed of reaching such wild success in the music industry, Clive was a lawyer. He landed a job at Columbia Records and, over time, made his way up to president. After signing major successes, he went on to found Arista Records in which he was president and after that, he founded J Records. He is currently still a major player in the careers of popular artists today such as Aretha Franklin, Leona Lewis, and Jennifer Hudson.

Clive Davis discovered the successful results of hard work and determination. What wild successes will your hard work result in? As always, thanks for reading, Camp Fans!


- John


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