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Jim's Top Camp Activity and Adventure

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Hey there, Camp Enthusiasts!

At Everything Summer Camp, we're all about creating unforgettable camping adventures for you and your kids. We know that having the right gear is crucial for an epic summer camp experience. That's why we offer a wide range of summer camp gear and camping supplies that cater to all your needs. But let's talk about our absolute pride and joy—our legendary camp trunks. Our C&N Footlockers are the gold standard in quality, and we're so confident in their durability that we back them up with a lifetime guarantee.

Now, let's introduce you to Jim, one of our incredible Production workers, Jim. Not only does he ensure that every camp trunk he touches is crafted to perfection, he's one of very few people who operate our beam saw with which every piece of wood we use to construct our trunks is cut.

He also knows a thing or two about summer camp fun. If he had the chance to go to camp as an adult, he's got some exciting activities he'd love to sign up for. Let's take a peek at Jim's top picks:

Riflery & Archery
With his hunting background and experience in target shooting, Jim knows his way around a crossbow and recurve bow. Really two activities in one, Jim used to hunt deer and partridge with his dad which is what lead him today to proudly own a 35 Marlon Lever Action Rifle. His precision skills are sharp.

Mountain Biking
Jim has been an avid biker for two decades. Back in the day, he would hit recreational areas at least twice a week during the summer. He even still has his trusty bike from 1976, a true relic in "pretty rough shape," but it holds countless memories. Whether it's on woodsy trails or tackling mountains, Jim now rides a Raleigh Grand Prix 10 Speed Mountain Bike.

Do either of these camp activities sound like a blast to you? You might just discover a new passion or rediscover an old one when you head off to camp. Check if your camp offers these thrilling adventures or explore ways to have similar experiences on your own. As always, thanks for joining us, and get ready for an extraordinary summer camp journey. Happy Camping!


- John

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