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Jessica Biel and the Summer Camp Feel

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Hey, Campers!

Countless campers just like you have been relishing in the joys of summer camp for more than a hundred years. Literally millions of adults who were once summer campers when they were closer to your age. It comes as no surprise then, tRead about her and her time at camp.o know that there are a lot of former summer campers who have gone on to become celebrities whom we all know and love today.

Jessica Biel is a summer camp alum. She attended Perry-Mansfield: Performing Arts School and Camp. Located in the mountains of Steamboat Springs, Colorado, Perry-Mansfield has been showing kids a first-rate education as well as an awesome summer experience since it was first founded in 1913.

Jessica didn’t necessarily know that she wanted to be an actress back then. She was interested in gymnastics and soccer as well. But she definitely knew she wanted to be on the stage. She was coached in the art of singing at Perry-Mansfield and liked to do musicals in the productions her hometown would put on. At just nine years old, she had already played lead roles in ‘The Sound of Music’, ‘Beauty and the Beast’, and more.

She made money as a model for a while as well, but was most happy when she landed her first role in a film called, ‘It’s a Digital World’. It wasn’t long after that that she found the role that would really launch her acting career: Mary Camden  from the family drama ‘7th Heaven’. Throughout her time on the Warner Brothers show, she went to school at Fairview High School and continued her education afterward at Tufts University in Medford, Massachusetts.

‘7th Heaven’ was a very popular show which turned out to be the longest-running family drama TV series in all of television. Her role as Mary brought her lots of recognition and interest for roles in film. Her character on TV only scratched the surface of her career. If Perry-Mansfield sounds like a place you have interest in, check it out for yourself some time and see the good it did Jessica Biel. And, as always, thanks for reading.


- John


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