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Jennifer M. Does Camp Again!

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Hey, Camp Fans!

We were glad to receive such a great response to our ‘Share Your Camp Story’ Contest we put on here at Everything Summer Camp—roughly 30 entries! Of course, we’re eager, now, to share each entry right here on the Blog! After seven lucky winners of the bigger prizes, all other submissions got a $15 gift certificate to our online store! Today’s post is from Jennifer M., who wrote in to tell us about her daughter’s summer stay at Camp Wise. Camp Wise is the wise camp for you.Overnight camp had been a discussion in our house for years. There was only one camp we were considering and knew that it would be a great choice for our daughter if she went to overnight camp. We are a very close family and wanted to make sure she was ready to be away from home. Then she felt 100% sure she wanted to try it, and the decision was made!
             lEvery day, Camp posted over 100 photos of kids. That was certainly not something my parents got when I went to overnight camp! We knew we were lucky as we saw photos of her every day. Every night after dinner, it was an eagerly anticipated event to check the photos. When we picked her up, we learned the camp photographer lived in her cabin, so the photographer’s familiarity of our daughter must have helped! It was a little odd to see her wearing a pajama top as a shirt in the photos more than once, but hey, as long as she was safe and happy, who cared, and it was a funny story and we teased her about it when she got home.
             lThe second summer our daughter went was much easier on all of us – we all knew what to expect. She knew she was going to return to all the great activities, great friends, great counselors, and a very special time away from home. We saw a lot fewer pictures of her, but we knew she was having a blast. In one photo, when I saw her shirt didn’t quite match her shorts, again, I reasoned, she’s safe and happy, it’s okay. It would have been nice if her letter telling us who was in her cabin and what her activities were arrived more than 15 hours before she got home, when the activities were of course all over, but, she was apparently having too much fun to write it any sooner!

Camp is fun, but it’s chaos, for sure! Mismatching outfits and pajama tops in the daytime are more or less normal in a place like summer camp—just go with it! Glad she loves her time at camp so much! Be sure that you check out Camp Wise for yourself sometime and, as always, thanks for reading!


- John


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