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Jenga Throw 'N Go—Towering Fun for Campers

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Hey, Campers!

Gathered around a table with laughing friends on a fun-filled evening at summer camp, the campers are focused in on a classic game: the Jenga tower. After some teetering for the previous player, one nervous camper inhales deep and holds their breath as they carefully slide a block out from the middle of the tower—balance becoming an extremely delicate matter. Welcome to the world of Jenga!

The tension rises as the tower wobbles and sways, testing this camper’s steadiness and sensitivity as they successfully set the block on the top layer of the tower. Who’s next?

This game has its roots in East Africa where Leslie Scott—Jenga creator—grew up. At home, she would play a stacking game with her family using simple wooden blocks and, when she eventually brought the game to England in the 1980s, she decided to trademark it under the name ‘Jenga,’ which she got from the Swahili word ‘kujenga,’ which, translated, means ‘to build’. From there, Jenga took off like wildfire!

Jenga Throw 'N Go is essentially the same classic tower game as the original, but with an added element: a Rolling Die. The excitement builds with each turn as you test your skills and try to outsmart your opponents. Each turn begins with a roll of the die which will then instruct the player of the block they need to go for or surprise them with another option.

Will your turn go smoothly or will you face the challenge of a load-bearing block that could bring the downfall of the tower? The roll of the die can change everything, with a ‘Reverse’ sending the turn back to the previous player or an ‘Any Two’ making one turn twice as nerve-racking!

Jenga Throw 'N Go is the perfect addition to your summer camp experience. Experience the thrill of carefully removing blocks and placing them on top, all while keeping the tower from crashing down! With this game, you’re set for hours of fun, laughter, and the sheer exhilaration of summer camp-style fun! Don't miss out on the excitement—bring the Jenga Throw 'N Go tower to your next camp adventure! Thanks for reading and, as always, Happy Camping!


- John


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