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Jalina K. and Her Camp Stay

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Hello, Camp Fans!

We got a response to our annual ‘Share Your Camp Story’ Contest that was so large I’m still publishing our submissions here on the Everything Summer Camp Blog! Your stories were fantastic and it’s such a fun time reading through them! Enjoy another one right now!

Today’s post comes from Jalina K. who wrote in to tell us about her really fun camp stay at Camp Interlaken. Get a look at today’s submission about her stay: Maybe you'll have a fun camp stay just like Jalina K.My name is Jalina K. I attended Camp Interlaken for their first session of four weeks. This was my first time going to Camp Interlaken.

I have experienced the time of my life and cherish a place I will never forget. I have learned so much more about my Jewish heritage for the month I attended Camp Interlaken. I had time to memorize the prayers we say before and after each meal called the Hamotzie and Birkat along with being kosher for a month. I also learned many Israeli dances, Shabbat songs, traditions, and prayers.

I not only made many new friends but I created a new family. I saw all my Cabin mates as sisters and my counselors as mothers since they’ve guided me and taught me so much. Camp Interlaken also taught me so much about gratitude and turning negative situations into positive situations.

At Camp Interlaken I got to experience many activities such as archery, friendship bracelet-making, tushball, volleyball, soccer, bubble soccer, tennis, basketball, 9 square, skiing, wind surfing, kayaking, paddle boarding, hydro biking, tubing, zip-lining, rock climbing, disc golfing, free dip in Lake Finley and in the pool, and many more fun activities that I’m so glad I got the chance to participate in.

My personal favorite was waterskiing because I was able to drop a ski and get half way around Lake Finley. My personal favorite time of the day when I was at Camp Interlaken is when the sun sets and we all would gather around each other holding hands and unity for friendship circle and sing together as a family. It was such an amazing feeling on Shabbat evening to walk around the entire camp holding hands and saying ‘Shabbat Shalom!!’ along with a hug and a kiss on the cheek to our camp family.

Even waking up in the morning and walking over the bridge seeing all of the glorious, sparkling view of Lake Finley is a site that I will never forget and every time I think of going back to Camp Interlaken a smile appears on my face from thinking about the funny, cherishable, unforgettable, great times I had at camp. All of these everlasting qualities, moments, and traits of my experience at Camp Interlaken proves why I think my camp is the best.

The feeling of love in the air (along with the smell of sunscreen and bug spray) at Camp Interlaken is more than just the feeling of love for the summer, but will remain in our hearts and at Camp Interlaken for all of us to remember that camp is our home and always will be. I encourage campers in considering coming to Camp Interlaken so you can experience the time of your life just like I did.

Awesome, Jalina! Sounds like a wonderful summer experience that will stay with you forever! You make Camp Interlaken sound like such a special place—especially Lake Finley! How cool that you got to explore new friendships, new understandings, and a new place like Camp Interlaken! Thanks for sharing, Jalina! If anyone else is interested in Camp Interlaken for their next summer adventure, be sure to check them out some time and, as always, thanks for reading!


- John


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