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Jacked About Juggling!

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Hey, Cool Campers!

The number one reason for kids to go to summer camp is to have fun! And camps are really good at showing kids a fun time! Most camps offer somewhere between 50 and 100 activities! Some activities are an outlet for your sense of adventure while others indulge your quieter side to enjoy a simple activity that provides a creative outlet. And today’s activity definitely falls under the latter category.

Today, I’m talking about Juggling!

Juggling is documented in Ancient Egyptian paintings on tomb walls that date back as far as 4,000 years! Juggling is a skill that’s been passed down from generation to generation! So far, it’s made it four millennia! Who knows how long it will last?! It’s had its dips and spikes in popularity throughout history. Following a long lull from the court jester days, Juggling came back in a very big way as a part of the act in Vaudeville song and dance shows.

To learn the art of Juggling requires patience, determination, focus, and just a bit of direction. It’s easier to start with two Juggling balls instead of the traditional three, but the concepts are basically the same. If you’re going to attempt three, you want to start with two Juggling balls in your dominant hand and one in the other—otherwise one in each hand if you’re just starting with two.

Starting with your dominant hand, toss one Juggling ball about eye level and when that ball reaches the apex—the height of the toss, throw the ball from your other hand underneath the arch of the ball that’s airborne. Catch each ball as they come down in the respective hand and repeat. It’s that simple. But it takes days of practice to achieve the muscle memorization and fluidity.

I can say from experience, though—the time spent is well worth it! Juggling sharpens your concentration and, once you have the motions down, can be very therapeutic! See if your camp offers Juggling for their activities and, as always, thanks for reading!


- John


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