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It’s a Valley. It’s a Ranch. It’s the Teton Valley Ranch Camp!

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Hey, Summer Camp Folks!

Thanks for returning to check out yet another installment in our Summer Camp Spotlight Blog posts in which we feature one of the amazing summer camps who work closely with us, here at Everything Summer Camp. Proud to have formed a strong relationship the Teton Valley Ranch Camp, we’re happy to shine our spotlight on them today. Check it out to see how it might fit for your family’s summer camp experience. Peek into the world of Teton Valley Ranch!Welcome to the Ranch.This camp’s history goes back to 1939 when its founder, Wendell Wilson found the land to start up a summer camp in Kelly, Wyoming. Thriving well into the 1990s, the summer life was good until hard financial times hit the country in 2000 and the Wilson family decided they would have to sell the ranch.

The love for the camp, however, saw it reborn with the involvement of alumni and friends of all the camp families closely affiliated with Teton Valley. By 2002, the Teton Valley Ranch Riding is a lifestyle at Teton Valley Ranch.Camp was back in operation at its new home in Dubois Wyoming, less than 100 miles from the original site.

Fun things are happening all summer long at Teton Valley Ranch. Things like horseback riding, riflery, archery, lapidary, gymkhana roping, and nature discovery. Have fun creating things in the Craftshop or enjoy some time at the waterfront. You can learn fly fishing or go for a dip yourself. With many other activities and special events, there’s never a dull moment at camp! Teton Valley Ranch campers are also treated to a backpacking trip and horse ride through some of the country’s most beautiful national forests.
Beautiful, rustic buildings compliment the natural surroundings.
Campers are divided into Adventure Groups at Teton Valley Ranch starting with Yearlings, then Rough Riders, followed by Top Hands, followed by Wranglers, and, lastly, the Trailblazers. Your camper’s Group is decided by a combination of age as well as experience at the ranch. Each Adventure Group is made up of a few cabins, making up a small, supportive community for your camper.

Give your kid the opportunity to grow, make friends, and have a blast next summer! You can check out the Teton Valley Ranch Camp website for yourself by clicking here and, as always, thanks for reading!


- John


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