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Introducing our two new trunk colors!

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Hey, Campers!

We sell a lot of camping gear and other camp supplies. With a name like Everything Summer Camp what else would you expect, right? We’re always bringing in new products Craig and Nancy are the people who started it all!as well, but no matter how many different items of camping gear we start to carry, our pride and joy is securely stored away in our C&N Footlockers.

Originally named C&N Footlockers (after the owners Craig and Nancy), Everything Summer Camp got its start manufacturing these quality footlocker trunks. In the last 28 years, we’ve made a lot of changes including our name, our target, as well as the amount of products we sell. But, despite all these changes, we still manufacture our camp trunks with C&N quality and construction.

And, in the same way that Everything Summer Camp is constantly growing and evolving, so are our camp trunks. That’s why we’ve added two new colors to our camp trunk collection: Mint and Coral. Select to view the Happy Camper in whichever color you like best. After that, just feast your eyes and fall in love.
Open your C&N Footlocker to minty freshness with this camp trunk.
Like a breath of minty-fresh air, the C&N Happy Camper in Mint is complimentary and absolutely breathtaking. Breathe in deep and take it in. Just as cool and refreshing as a piece of bedroom furniture as it is at summer camp, you can’t go wrong with a cool Mint trunk.
Get this Coral camp trunk for a fun, yet calming color
If you’re looking for a soothing shade like that of the marine life under the sea, check out the Happy Camper in our new Coral color. A neutral balance of pink and orange, Coral is a compromise that leaves everyone happy and content. Relax like these otherworldly creatures and get Coral for your camp trunk.

Whichever color you decide is right for your trunk, either one is sure to bring a fresh, new look to your Happy Camper. As always, thanks for reading.


- John

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