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Introducing: Osprey...

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Hey, Summer Camp Folks!

I’m thrilled to reveal a brand name that we’re very excited to have brought to our online store! Osprey is Pack manufacturer that’s been designing and constructing inventive and premium packs since 1974! Their unflinching dedication to backpacks, duffels, and nothing else but pack accessories has allowed them the capability to focus and really hone in on the perfect craft of their pack construction! Learn about this innovative new brand we've added to our camping gear selection!With a solid history, you can be sure that Osprey has perfected their methods throughout their past 45 years of business. The brand sprouted all those years ago from the desire of one person—Osprey’s founder—to manufacture and utilize functional and secure packs. When he brought his dream to life, Mike Pfotenhauer, insisted that his packs would be made more comfortable, durable, and practical than the other packs on the market.

Named after a large bird of prey also known as a River or Fish Hawk, the Osprey brand plays off the ready-to-travel, lightweight, and sizable characteristics of the raptor itself to play up the features of these innovative packs! Mike ensured only the best quality for his products from the get-go by personally stitching the first lines of custom-fitted packs!

As he grew the Osprey name, his team expanded into a collection of enthusiastic explorers and diligent workers of diverse qualities who all bring something exclusive to contribute. Mike was able to move into the designing department and put together a crew of skilled sewing operators who construct the packs.

Located in Cortez, Colorado, the folks are hard at work, though everyone in this pocket of the world has adopted a slower pace. Still, the landscapes of Osprey’s home base begs onlookers to come explore—the San Juan mountains to the east and desert canyons to the west.

Everything Summer Camp is proud to carry a great selection of high-quality travel packs from the Osprey brand. Ensure your preparedness when you head out for adventure with Packs from our great Osprey selection that you can check out by clicking right here. As always, thanks for reading, Folks!


- John

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