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I’m No O2 Fool!

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Hey, Camp Fans!

We work with so many great people here at Everything Summer Camp, it’s important to us to use this Blog as a platform from time to time so we can share our gratitude toward the awesome companies with whom we’ve formed excellent relationships! And today, we’re fixing our Vendor Spotlight on the Chicago, Illinois area to shine our gratitude on O2 Cool, the cooling products company!

Keep yourself cool with this O2 Cool tool!O2 Cool was started over 25 years ago in 1992 by a woman named Linda M. Usher. She set out to launch this company with the mission to develop and market portable, battery-operated fans. And now, the ultimate leaders in the personal cooling industry, O2 Cool has established themselves as the trusted brand name when it comes to staying cool on those summer scorchers when they get to be too much!

Our selection of O2 Cool Fans gives you three desktop fans to choose from as well as the Water-Misting Fan—the finest portable fan around. We see how cool these fans are and so do a lot of camps all across the country! You can be sure that many of O2 Cool’s customer accounts are made up of camps! You can check out the fans available on our website by clicking here.

Fans make your camp memories perfect with a cool breeze in the summer heat to provide relief on those bright, sunny days. Get the Deluxe Water Misting Fan for the most efficient way of cooling off. They’re great for a kid on a hot day! We knew we had to offer fans as cool as these on our store online. Have a blast at camp and stay cool with O2 Cool cooling products! And, as always, thanks for reading!


- John

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